Sunday, May 1, 2011

BIF Hauls

N00B BIF (round 3)

sent to: Amdy

Sweet swag! Southampton pint glass, Stone and magic hat coasters, Magic Hat Beer Soap(Contains real glitter lol) Ommegang keychain bottle opener, Southampton Publick house pen.

  • 2x Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (want)
  • 2x Hopslam (want)
  • 1x Hoppin Frog Hoppin to Heaven IPA
  • 1x Avery Collaboration Not Lotigation (want)
  • 1x Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout (want)
  • 1x Mikkeller Black Tie Barrel Aged (want)
  • 1x Mikkeller Chipotle porter (want)
  • 1x Cigar City Guava Grove (want)
  • And just to add the icing to the cake...
    1x Growler of Bear Republic Racer X Nomnomnom! I threw this in the fridge immediately so i can drink it later today! (want)

received from: Pellinore1

  • 2x Two Brothers: North Wind Imperial Stout (fav style from a great brewery, haven't tried yet)
  • 2x Half Acre: Daisy Cutter Pale Ale (can't wait to try these)
  • 2x Bells: Porter
  • Shorts: PB&J
  • Shorts: Soft Parade
  • Shorts: Mystery Stout
  • Shorts: Hangin' Frank
  • Half Acre: Baume
  • Half Acre: Big Hugs
  • Terrapin: Double Feature
  • Bells: Batch 9000 (arrived broken)
  • Swag:
    • Half Acre T-shirt
    • Half Acre Pint Glass 

Hats off to Barleywine - part 2

sent to: mikereaser

  • Founders Nemesis 2010
  • Shorts PB&J
  • Shorts Cup A Joe
  • Brooklyn Monster Ale 2008
  • Brooklyn Monster Ale 2010
  • Hair Of The Dog Fred Batch 74
  • Southampton Old Herb bottle 8/500
  • Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2011
  • Firestone Walker 14 (16oz growler)
  • Captain Lawrence Rosso batch 3
  • Troegs Flying Mouflan
  • Pretty Things Our Finest Regards
  • Smuttynose Barleywine
  • Sierra Nevada Jack & Ken
  • Firestone Walker Abacus
  • a sweet Blue Point Brewing shirt

received from: CruisaC

  • 22oz:
    • Deschutes - Mirror Mirror 2009 (want)
    • Three Floyds - Behemoth (unlisted want)
  • 12.7oz:
    • Two Brothers - Bare Tree Weiss Wine Vintage 2008 (awesomeness!)
  • 12oz:
    • Arcadia Ales - Cerial Killer 2010
    • Bell's - 25th Anniversary Ale (want)
    • Bell's - Third Coast Ale (want)
    • Central Waters - Bourbon Barrel Barleywine 2011 (want - and just YESTERDAY i reviewed a 2010 and said how much i'd like to try one fresh for comparison)
    • Avery - Samael's Oak Aged Ale 2010
    • Hair of the Dog - Doggie Claws (want)
    • Kuhnenn - Bourbon Barrel Fourth Dementia (want)
    • Duck Rabbit - Barleywine Ale (want)
    • Dieu du Ciel - Solstice d'hiver
  • 11.2oz:
    • Traquair House Brewery - Traquair 2020 (can't wait to check this one out)
  • Swag:
    • Awesome Highland Brewing Company T-Shirt
    • Highland Brewing Poster for scottish ale with a bunch of dudes pissing that says "a wee bit different" with one guy in a kilt
    • Highland and Founders sticker

Good People Farm System BIF

sent to: jcartamdg

Wow!!! Came home to two amazing boxes from cosmicevan! I am speechless, seeing how this man destroyed my wants!
Big bottles

  • Mikkeller rauch geek breakfast
  • 2011 Dark lord
  • Cantillon classic gueuze
  • Fantome Saison
  • New Glarus raspberry tart
  • New Glarus Belgian Red
  • Goose Island:
    •    Madame rose
    •    Lolita
    •    Big John
    •    Bourbon County Coffee
    •    Bourbon County Vanilla
    •    And a BOURBON COUNTY RARE!!!!

12oz bottles

  • 3 year vertical of KBS
  • 3 year vertical of bourbon county(07, 09,10) - Good thing I already have an 08 in my cellar!
  • DFH world wide stout
  • New Glarus
    •    Unplugged apple ale
    •    Unplugged enigma
    •    Unplugged cherry stout
    •    Spotted cow
    •    And dancing man wheat

This is by far the greatest haul I have ever had, big thanks to cosmicevan for your extreme generosity!!!

received from: mnbearsfan

  • Box 1 (9 bottles, 9 wants):
    • Fifty Fifty Brewing Eclipse - Christian Brother's Brandy (2010)
    • Surly Darkness (2010)
    • Deschutes Dissident (2010)
    • Deschutes Abyss (2010)
    • Deschutes Black Butte XXI (2009)
    • Flying Fish Exit 9
    • Russian River Temptation (batch 004 x 1)
    • Half Acre Marty Stouffer's
    • Westvleteren 12 (dated 23.08.08)
  • Box 2 (11 bottles, 6 wants and a tshirt)
    • Firestone Walker 13
    • Pelican Pub & Brewery Mother of All Storms
    • Lost Abbey Serpent's Stout
    • Half Acre Meat Wave
    • Alpine Pure Hoppiness
    • Jester King Black Metal
    • Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws
    • Bell's Batch 9000
    • Deschutes Inversion IPA
    • Flying Fish HopFish IPA
    • Central Waters Brewhouse Coffee Stout
    • Alpine T Shirt!!!

Hype Train BIF (1 of 3)

sent to: florida9

  • Goose Island: Madame Rose (HPYE BEER)
  • Keegan Ales: Hurricane Kitty
  • Keegan Ales: Mother's Milk
This was an in person swap with florida9 (Kirk) and Kirk was kind enough to toss a few brews my way when we met up:
  • Short's: Key Lime Pie
  • Short's: S'mores Stout
  • Homebrew IPA (Warrior Chinook) x 2

received from: ThirstyHerf

  • Redbud: Cuvee Two (HPYE BEER)
  • Coop Ale Works: Territorial Stout
  • Coop Ale Works: Horny Toad
  • Coop Ale Works:  Native Amber

Hype Train BIF (2 of 3)

sent to: BeerAndBourbon

  • Captain Lawrence: Brandy Barrel Smoke from the Oak (HPYE BEER)
  • Cigar City: Jai Alai
  • Half Acre: Daisy Cutter

received from: nhindian

  • VooDoo: Black Magick (HPYE BEER)
  • Founders: Backwoods Bastard
  • Upland: Teddy Bear Kisses

Hype Train BIF (3 of 3)

sent to: russwbeck

  • Captain Lawrence: Rum Barrel Smoke from the Oak (HPYE BEER)
  • Keegan Ales: Hurricane Kitty
  • Keegan Ales: Mother's Milk

received from: Urbancaver

  • Upland: Cherry Lambic (HPYE BEER)
  • Bell's: Batch 9,000

Growler Plus BIF

sent to: Retail1LO

  • Ithaca: Flower Power (64 oz growler)
  • Captain Lawrence (32 oz growler)
  • Cigar City: Jai Alai Cedar Aged IPA - Humidor Series (750 mL)
  • Smuttynose: Imperial Stout (22 oz)  
  • Full Sail: Bump in the Night (22 oz)
  • Keegan: Hurriacne Kitty (12 oz)
  • Keegan: Mother's Milk (12 oz)
  • Keegan: Old Capital (12 oz)
  • Half Acre: Daisy Cutter (16 oz)
  • Surly: Bender (16 oz)
  • Surly Coffee Bender (16 oz)

received from: florida9

  • Goose Island: Honest Stout (64 oz growler)
  • Lost Abbey: 10 Commandments (750 mL)
  • Half Acre: Double Galactic Daisy Cutter (22 oz)
  • Three Floyds: Munsterfest (22 oz)
  • Three Floyds: Zombie Dust (12 oz)
  • Short's: Ale la Reverend (12 oz)
  • New Glarus: Cran-bic Ale (12 oz)
  • New Glarus: Imperial Weizen (12 oz)
  • New Glarus: Smoked Rye (12 oz)
  • Southern Star: Buried Hatchet Stout (12 oz)
  • Argus Brewery: Patron's Reserve (12 oz)
  • Leinenliugel's: Big Eddy RIS (12 oz)
  • Sand Creek Brewing: Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (12 oz)
  • Atwater Block Brewery: Vanilla Java Porter (12 oz)
  • Swag
    • 2 Goose Island Coasters
    • September Beer List for Goose Island Clybourn Pub
    • Eurovafel wafers (SUPER tasty)

Growler Plus BIF (Round 2)

sent to: slvrmon82

  • Founders: 2011 Imperial Stout (32 oz growler)
  • Founders: 2011 Backwoods Bastard (32 oz growler)
  • Founders: 2010 Nemesis (32 oz growler)
  • Founders: 2011 Breakfast Stout (32 oz growler)
  • Founders: 2011 Harvest Ale (64 oz growler)
  • Founders Temporary Tattoos and stickers

received from: baconsausage
  • Hill Farmstead: James (32 oz growler)
  • Hill Farmstead: Ephiram (32 oz growler)
  • Hill Farmstead: George(32 oz growler)
  • Hill Farmstead: Everett (32 oz growler)
  • Alchemist: Heady Topper (16oz can)
  • Alchemist: Heady Topper (16 oz can)
  • Sebago Brewing Company: Lake Trout Stout (22 oz bottle)
  • Williamsburg Alewerks: Whit Ale (12 oz bottle)

Growler Plus BIF (Round 2.5)

sent to: Jefe73

  • Growler:
    • Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter - really, really love this brewery!
  • Bottles - ALL WANTS!!:
    • Ithaca Brute - massive want
    • Goose Island Juliet - really enjoy this beer
    • Pretty Things EIP - want!
    • Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious - again, massive want
    • Schlafly Reserve Imperial Stout '08 - tired of hearing me say massive want yet?
  • Cans - very excited to try this selection from Sixpoint
    • Sixpoint Diesel
    • Sixpoint Crisp
    • Sixpoint Righteous

received from: drabmuh

  • Growler:
    • DC Brau Natas - Stillwater collab - SUPER excited to try this!!!!
  • Bottles:
    • Bruery - Oude Tart (2011, I presume)
    • FiftyFifty - Eclipse 4 Roses (2011)
    • 3F - Oude Geuze 2010 (should be WANT)
    • 3F - Oude Geuze Vintage 2008 (WANT)
  • Cans:
    • DC Brau - The People Pale
    • DC Brau - The People Pale
    • DC Brau - The People Pale

Growler Plus (Round 3)

sent to: biglobo8971

    • GROWLER: Blue Point - White IPA
    • Founders - CBS
    • Founders - KBS 2011
    • Founders - KBS 2010
    • Founders - KBS 2009
    • Darkhorse - BA Plead the 5th
    • De Struise - Kabert
    • Goose Island - King Henry
    • SWAG: Blue Point Snifter, Blue Point Bomber Bag, some stickers
received from: biglobo8971


    • GROWLER: Bell's - Double Cream Stout
    • GROWLER: Town Hall - Masala Mama
    • New Glarus - Belgian Red
    • New Glarus - Raspberry Tart
    • New Glarus - R&D Golden Ale
    • Half Acre - Daly Double
    • Lift Bridge - Commander
    • Deschutes - 2011 Abyss
    • Goose Island - King Henry
    • SWAG: Odel Tulip

Math Trade #5 - Patrick Star (aka Dog Pissed on my Laptop) - Put #1

sent to: Desaparecido

    • Kuhnhenn - 2010 BB4D (4 pack)
    • Keegan - Hurricane Kitty
    • Keegan - Mother's Milk
    • Pretty Things - Jack D'Or
received from: xpimptastikx

    • Flossmoor Station - BA Hi Fi
    • Bell's - Batch 10,000
    • De Struise - 2008 Pannepot Reserva

 Math Trade #5 - Patrick Star
(aka Dog Pissed on my Laptop) - Put #2

sent to: Normyk

    • Captain Lawrence - Rosso
    • Keegan - Hurricane Kitty
    • Keegan - Mother's Milk
    • Pretty Things - Jack D'Or
received from: surlytwinsfan

    • Surly - 5
    • Kern Brewing Company - Pumpkin

Math Trade #5 - Patrick Star
(aka Dog Pissed on my Laptop) - Put #3

sent to: Thewimperoo

    • Captian Lawrence - Cuvee de Castleton
    • Keegan - Hurricane Kitty
    • Keegan - Mother's Milk
    • Pretty Things - Jack D'Or
received from: Patchmaster

    • Three Floyds - Baller Stout
    • Bell's - Hopslam
    • Three Floyds - Alpha King
    • Surly - Bender

LNBA Secret Santa

sent to: robinsmv

    • Stone Brewing - Ken Schmidt / Iron Fist / Stone - Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout
    • Deschutes - Mirror Mirror (2009)
    • The Bruery - Oude Tart (2011)
    • Southampton - Imperial Russian Stout (2012)
    • Goose Island - BCBS (2012)
    • Goose Island - BCBCS (2012)
    • Hill Farmstead - Anna
    • Blue Point Snifter

received from: Hanzo

    • Hardywood Park Craft Brewery - Gingerbread Stout
    • Hardywood Park Craft Brewery - BA Gingerbread Stout
    • Williamsburg Aleworks - Cafe Royal
    • Williamsburg Aleworks - Barleywine
    • Epic Brewery - Big Bad Baptist
    • Bell's - Kalamazoo Stout
    • Bell's - Java Stout
    • Bell's - This one goes to 11
    • Bell's - Special Cream Stout'
    • Bell's - Expedition Stout
    • Bell's - Hell Hath No Fury Ale
    • Evil Twin - Imperial Biscotti Break
    • Avery - Rumpkin
    • Hardywood Park Craft Brewery - GBS Glass

Winter Glassware BIF

sent to: funkyaudio

    • Captain Lawrence tulip
    • Captain Lawrence taster
    • Duvel tulip (Belgium comes to cooperstown)
    • Brooklyn Brewery tulipy snifter
    • Captain Lawrence Mother Barrel

received from: yeahnatenelson

    • Cantillon Tumbler
    • Cantillon / Dieu du Ciel Zwanze / Peche 2012 day
    • Pipeworks Snifter
    • Pipeworks Berliner Glass
    • WLV t-shirt

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Completed Trades

Top wants at the moment: 

  • Kuhnhenn BB French Toast


local? let's meet up for a tasting. always down to meet other local BAs and share the love.

nickd717's distro sheet -  (filter on NY, this is what is on shelves for me) -->

alewatcher's tips for trading -

want to trade? always looking to try something i haven't ticked. delays are fine but please keep me informed and stay honest. a good trader is someone who communicates.

Deschutes, Terrapin, New Glarus, Surly, Flying Fish are always welcome. As are any interesting treatments or barrel aged stuff .

Completed Trades:
portable++ (P) [5 maybe 6 times probably more - this guy is just bada$$ and the definition of an advocate]
321jeff+ [3 times]
dmeadows (M) [2 times, P M]
kevinv+ (M)
2beerornot2beer++ [3 times]
gnemesis++ [2 times]
deepDISH13 (?)
sampx (M)
t8000shx (P)
Rempo+ (M) [3 times plus random acts of kindness...just an insanely advocating advocate]
koko2315 (P)
BlessedBeBeer++ [5 or 6 times...we don't even keep track any more, Gary is just a SOLID guy, let alone BA]
Cheesemoose (M)
Marty30++ [2 times - just a phenomenal BA]
Urbancaver (M)
G311++ (2 times - P @ Capt Lawrence, P @ Southampton)
JAHMUR+ (P @ Capt Lawrence)
cooperellis (P/M @ Capt Lawrence)
trxxpaxxs (G)
brstls4drmrs+ [2 times]
biglobo8971+++ [2 times (I am the recipient of this fine BAs generosity in "My First 3 Tapes LIF") M]
Thorpe429++ [x 2 or 3  & G - first met him and tossed me some brews on my wants just because, not even a trade, just advocation!!!]
cfh64++++ [M x 5  or 6 (in both directions) - just a phenomenal BA]
drgonzo370+ [2 times]
CAbeerCAbeerCA+ [M x 2 - on-going]
claspada (P)
badboyrsl84 [2 times]
commis+ [2 times]
AleWatcher (great box from Battle of the Bands LIF)
stxSS07++ [4 times, once IP, once M/G, and gifted beer when we met up for a tasting...awesome BA]
rlee1390 (M)
beenitty++ [2 times, 2nd was G]
yeahnatenelson+ [2 times]
mark99 (P)
funkel81 (P)
rwmiscik (P)
damico (P)
pintplease (M for me)
nicks6217 (M 4 me - eclipses)
waltonc+ [2 times]
xnicknj (P @ Southmapton)
maniacal82 (P @ Southampton)

Pete27lax (M)
VikingHammer (G)
GuisseppeFranco+ [2 times]
beermebaby89113++ [4, 5? times]
BlueRogue (G)
bierenutz++ (x 4 with M) 
cduckett16 (x 2)
hdelavega+ (P)
jbuddle+ (P) 
TheBeerologist+ (x 2 G)
ant880 (P/M) 
guajolote (G/M)
GrumpyOldTroll+++ (P) [2 times - just a phenomenal BA and great guy to hang with]
MordorMongo (G)
McNuts++ (G - amazing BA who answered the call and helped me help out another BA) 
fbc24 (G) (M) [3 times, so far]
black13 (M)+ (?)
davey101+ (this fine BA gifted me beer just because he wanted to share and M)
joefuzz+++ (P - met up with this fine BA and he just gave me a big ol' box of beer, glasses, and swag...TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by his generosity)
cfrances33+ (2 times, G - and this dude just tossed me a glass want cause he is bada$$)
genuinedisciple+ (2 times)
semibaked+ (G)
GRG1313 (empty bottle hookup)
yamar68+ (won his LIF, but turned into a trade instead)
FosterJM (G - dude just tossed me glass wants on multiple occasions cause he is bada$$)
Rathakem++(M) [4 or 5 times but probably more like 10 by the time you read this, unbelievable BA...ongoing]
robbiemoy13+ (M/G)
azdback (M for him 2 times)
sendsilk (M)
brewbetter++ (M)
ACY73 (M)
Mississipping (G)
howopeeps (G - awesome BA who sent me a glass I was ISO)
mbockstruck30 (G)
steimie (M 2 or 3 times)
benjaminahudson+++ (M for him)
devi0us+ (G + M)
franklinn (M)
mjohnson17+ (M)
girllovesbier (M/G)
Jnorton00 (M/G)
pmoney+ (gifted me beer at a tasting, awesome BA...eventually was able to return the favor)
Treebs+ (2 times - gifted me glassware at a tasting, meet up with him whenever i'm in town, central waters proxy for me and all around awesome BA TB'er/IG'er)
doobliebop (G)
Rifugium (M/G)
anotherjoe (M/G) 
Keith_R+ (G)
LaChupacabra (M/G) 
LiquidDegenerate++ (M x a few swaps and hangs in person...great guy)
ObiWanKushnobi+ (M) 
kevanb (G x 3 and beyond...thelowtide be the man - we just find glass each other needs) 
dachshunddude86+ (M + G) 
eorwar (M both ways G) 
beachstrength49++++ (aka cwhittle53 4 or 5 times - surprise boxes, the works - amazing BA...honored to be a trading partner of his)
BobZ+ (M)
match112+ (M) 
joetouchton+ (G)
sleuthdog+ (M both ways)
dc55110+ (G x 2 - slayed all my glass whale wants...this guy is nuts)
channels321 (2 or 3 times - G)
Benny3000 (M) 
jwale73 (G)
eli323232 (G) 
jedwards+++ (G - amazing BA who hit a mega glass want, just cause he could - got some revenge too!) 
DenverBeerDrinker (crooked stave trustee - countless boxes) 
WassailWilly (G) 
tubbnik (G)
knownfactor (G)
FalconA++ (G and more)
Greenplastic615 (M)
ezperkins2 (M)
sdpaul (G)
Michigan (G and M - awesome TB'er)++
FTowne++ (
lucas1801 (
SournRare (G and M)
LuckyTiki (M for him G)
OlavZipser++ (x 2 or 3)
Kegatron (G)
flexabull (G)+
cayenne/beersnobbin++ (the beer angel ;) )
richardflyr++ (
gpawned (M/G)
hopstar (unreal generosity from Talkbeer'er who gifted the full set of fredfest glasses with extras)
wade5614 (more unreal generosite from talkbeer'er/IG'er who offered to send some BA Solar eclipse but ended up sending 6 more brewery only MI brews!!!)
CUE45 (G)
TomTwanks ( M BCBS for him)
JohnfromPurdue (talkbeer'er who kicked down HotD glassware just because)
Tony412 (sent him some glass) 
clegolfski (M BCBS for him)
DmouthCaliBrewz (talkbeer M BCBS for him)
cselby+ (2 x talkbeer)
TheDuke++ (talkbeer - helped me slay a glass whale)
cwguy5 (G)
BeRangers (G/M)
tehzachatak (talkbeer - G/M)
gene (talkbeer - ninja style)
quirkzoo (talkbeer - G)
mrbubbler (on IG, TB, BA... great trader, several swaps) 
khumbard (TB, BA)
DiscLizard (G)
SSideTROLLer (M)
tony4112 (on IG, TB, BA - M)
2000drafts+++ (BA - he so crazy he sent me a 2nd round of extras)
nattomoto+ (M and swaps and G) a few times...great guy!
regularjohn (G)
nanobrew (M)
OsLovesBeer (M/G)
tickingwhale (M)
cocoapuph+ (G more than once)
Jas45678+++ (M/G - a bunch of boxes back and forth...great trader!)
Rizdac (G)
JCam9981 (G)
FEUO+ (G and more)
jaymo18 (G)
Drunkensloth++++ (several swaps...great trader!)
Chuck5315+ (times 2)
grze+ (more than once)
rbald42 (G)
noiseflights (G)
leftyhyzer (M)
Nico (G)
deadmolecules (G)
awdturboiv (G)
Cstockstrom+ (a few times)
bhudlow23 (G)
brianobnoxious (G)
alalvarez (G)
Ryan McCartney
Al Do - a few times, mostly glass
MikeC (deGarde trustee) (?)
morsetx (G)
mertzhb15 (M)
totoropanda+++ (great guy)
chuck millard (G)
research47 / bryeian22 (ongoing)
Jeff Smith (G/M)
Jamal Reifinger (G/M)
greghochsprung (jwb trustee)
flabbyjandro (G/M)
wuska (G)
kcbaby++ (great guy, few swaps)
wheelzntoys+ (G/M - more than once)
Jreites+ (a few swaps)
pksauce (P)
TheFarmBoy3 (G)
CraftyBastard (?)
TDBuck (M)
Mike Rowland (G)
sirsteve (M)
jgoodlo+ (P)
theMang (G more than once)
forgetfu (G)
rudipatudie+ (G a few times)
brother_kenneth++ (M)
Brandon Burt (G x 2)
tomxhaverford (G)
jazzwalker (G)
Alan Barnes (G)
sean quinlan (M)
Andy Boldyreff+ (G/M)
jess parker (G)
James @ Schramms (best meadery and best people - great traders too!!!)
Bob Dobalina+ (G)
Gregg Hansen++ (G/M)
Kevin Centerbar (G)

N00B BIF (round 3)     [sent to: Amdy | received from: Pellinore1]
Hats off to Barleywine BIF     [sent to: mikereaser | received from: CruisaC]
Good People Farm System BIF    [sent to: jcartamdg | received from mnbearsfan]
Hype Train BIF    [sent to: florida9 (who amazingly tossed me more than a handful of brews when we met up in person) | received from ThirstyHerf]
                              [sent to: russwbeck | received from nhindian]
                              [sent to: BeerAndBourbon | received from Urbancaver]
Growler Plus      [sent to: Retail1LO | received from flroida9]
Growler Plus (round 2)      [sent to: slvrmon82 | received from baconsausage]
Growler Plus (round 2.5)      [sent to:Jefe73 | received from: drabmuh]
Growler Plus (round 3)      [sent to:Biglobo8971 | received from: Biglobo8971]
Math Trade #5 (Patrick Starfish - aka Dog Pissed on my Laptop)      [sent to:Desaparecido | received from: xpimptastikx]
Math Trade #5 (Patrick Starfish - aka Dog Pissed on my Laptop)      [sent to:Normyk | received from: surlytwinsfan]
Math Trade #5 (Patrick Starfish - aka Dog Pissed on my Laptop)      [sent to:Thewimperoo | received from: Patchmaster]
LNBA Secret Santa     [sent to: robinsmv | received from: hanzo]
Winter Glassware BIF     [sent to: funkyaudio | received from: yeahnatenelson]
Breweriana BIF 2013 (1st edition)     [sent to: brandoman63 | received from: hopsleroy]
LNBA: Easter BIFsket     [sent to: bstyle | received from: zaphog]
TalkBeer Super Bowl XLVIII Squares     [sent to: DonFrap]
TB Super Bowl XLVIII 2.0 - The Search for More Money     [sent to: itsthepleats]
TalkBeer Math Trade #7     [sent to: Cneville | received from: thrashD]
TalkBeer Math Trade #7     [sent to: kscaldef | received from: Cneville]  
TalkBeer Math Trade #7     [sent to: SaltyMalty | received from: jefe73]
2015 TB Superbowl box - sent to slick50
2015 TB Superbowl box - sent to trady
2015 BA Superbowl box - sent to pmangold
MATH TRADE 8 - sent to StarRaptor
4Roses WIF - LaChupacabra

+ = extras
P = in person
(?) = ask me about this experience
M = mule/proxy
G =  glass

In Progress:
Drunkensloth (ongoing)

None at the moment

Salary Cap BIF (Hosting - coming at some point in the future, but probably never so go ahead and run it if you want)